Avoid Weight Gain While Overeating: Fat Burning Tips

The truth is, you’d be surprised at how much you can eat and stay lean, if you exercise a certain way – and I don’t mean endless hours exercising, either. I’m a certified personal trainer and am very familiar with all the research showing what types of exercise burn the most fat, and keep burning that fat up to 48 hours afterwards, including while you sleep.

You must know how to manipulate your hormonal responses to exercise. I’m not talking about mindless eating. I’m talking about knowing you can eat that big steak sandwich and then the brownie with ice cream without interfering with your lean look.

This is not a junk food diet, but one of plenty of food, enough to cause weight gain – unless you do “hormonal” exercise. Most of your diet should be clean, but the indulgences here and there will not make you gain weight if you exercise intensely.

There are different ways to do hormonal exercise. Hormonal exercise is that which triggers increased production of lactic acid, testosterone and human growth hormone – three of nature’s most powerful fat-burners. Problem is, few people really know how to tap into these fat-burners and make them work for their bodies.

Hormonal exercise on a recurrent basis will burn fat overnight while you sleep. I’ve been to many gyms, and trust me, few people do hormonal workouts, especially in the cardio area. I do see hormone-triggering workouts in the free-weight area all the time. The people doing this are never what you’d call overweight, and most are buff, and some are chiseled. None are soft or pudgy.

The basic formula for hormonal exercise with weights, so you can “overeat” and not get fat or gain weight, is:

Figure out the amount of resistance where you must struggle to complete between 8 and 12 repetitions. You should not have enough strength left over to do a thirteenth rep. 8-12 is the magic range. You stop within 8-12 because you are completely depleted of strength and can’t do another rep.

Rest 45 seconds in between sets. You’ll feel like this isn’t enough, because after 45 seconds, your muscles will still be burning mad. You may find you can’t complete even 8 reps because of this. Do your best, but next set, lower the weight amount to accommodate the 8-12 rep max. Work quickly adjusting the resistance, because in 45 seconds, you’ll be going again.

Do 3-6 sets. You’ll need to lighten the resistance at some point for most routines. So if you start with an incline barbell press of 100 pounds, the third set might have to be 85 pounds, and the fifth set 75 pounds.

Lift 3-4 times a week for about an hour. Between routines take 2-4 minutes’ rest.

For cardio that incites hormonal production, so that you can eat a lot and not get fat or gain weight, do high intensity interval training twice a week on non-lifting days. The following articles explain more:

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Follow my plan and watch the weight come off. This doesn’t mean you can now take in food like a garbage can and not gain weight. Maintain sensibility to your eating, rather than eating mindlessly.

Is there a catch to this plan of how to overeat without getting fat? Yes, there is: It hurts. I won’t lie. Hormonal exercise hurts. If you truly do this kind of exercise the way it’s meant to be done, the muscle burn will be near-unbearable.

This is why few people exercise this way. They figure what’s the point of causing all that pain when they can still get results at lighter intensity levels? Well, what they don’t know is that hormonal (i.e., super intense) exercise brings with it the ability to eat a lot and not get fat, or even gain weight!