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My Fabric Adventure and New Print Options

I'm back from my fabric sourcing mission with a quick update ... (if you missed the latest news, you can catch up here...)

I spent an amazing four days in LA:  I met seven new fabric distributors, got the behind-the-scenes tour of the sublimation printing factory, and came back with handfuls of fabric swatches.


Now, I am eagerly awaiting the sample yardage of the top fabric contenders so I can do performance testing.



Since this hiccup has caused such a delay, I want to offer an early release of my new tie-dye and snake prints (fortunately these were printed on the good fabric lot!) These prints, as well as more micro-camo, are currently at the cutting factory and I estimate will be ready in mid-December. I only have ~50 pairs of each print so I can offer the swap until I run out.


If you want to swap prints, shoot me a quick reply with your style (shorties or leggies), size, and new print selection(s) - micro-camo, tie-dye, or snake.  Otherwise, I will keep your original order on track and continue to send progress updates. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!

Much love and gratitude,


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