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What a Whirl! Celebrating 2014

Dear InYo World,

I'd like to introduce myself, in case we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

I'm Rachel.  Founder, creative director, designer, production manager, patternmaker, grader, sample sewer, customer service rep and fulfillment department of InYo.

The last year and a half of my life has been dedicated to starting a company: from raising funds on Kickstarter to seeing it through. Building and growing. Sustaining. I'm glad no one told me how difficult it would be. That's a lie, actually. I was warned. I was told, "No matter how well you think you've prepared, things will go wrong that you never thought possible." We endured and improved.  Because the only ones who fail are those who stop trying.

Year "One" was successful.  It was a year of figuring it out. It was finding the best fabric. It was managing production timelines. It was making too many ... then not making enough.

Year "One" was staying in the studio until 10, 11, midnight and only pulling myself away once in full zombie mode. It was showing up and not having a clue how to run a business ... staring at a to-do list and still not knowing where to start ... and starting anyway.

Year "One" was being featured in Shape. It was Rachel Brathen, aka "Yoga Girl" posting a photo herself wearing InYos on her wedding day then having InYo polka dotties immediately sell out.


Year "One" was successful.  Hugely successful. It was trying, failing, learning, trying again, and succeeding.

This coming year will be a year of new prints, new styles, new inspiration. Of finding flow. Of finding rhythm. A year of building community and sisterhood. A year of CELEBRATION.

Happy New Year ... let's do this.




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