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Where My InYos at?

You may have recently received a partial order, a shipping confirmation, or nothing at all and you may be wondering, “Yo girl, where my InYos at?”

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a Kickstarter update saying the polka dotties and watercolors were printed on a bad lot of fabric and new ones would be ready in 4-6 weeks. That was when I thought I could order, print, cut, sew, ship. As I took the next steps to make things right, I learned a few new things:

1. It wasn’t just the polka dotties and watercolors - it was in fact my entire most recent order of 600 yds including the giraffeness, cloudies, and micro-camo, that were printed on fabric that was slightly different (and more sheer) than my originally approved fabric.

2. The entire lot of fabric that the fabric company has in stock falls under the too-sheer category.

3. The newly manufactured lot is 4 weeks out and its sheerness is an unknown.

So I paused all shipments, (cried a little), then sorted hundreds of InYos and sent out as many good pairs as possible with the hope I could get at least one pair to every backer, but fell short in numbers.

How did this happen?  

Well, I made a rookie mistake and missed a critical quality test. Word from my supplier is that it passed all the QC on their end, but it doesn’t pass on my end, and I should have caught it sooner.  Call it ignorance, naivete, or wishful thinking but I had high hopes that production would run perfectly despite warnings that the very nature of production is that even if you think you’ve covered every detail, something will go wrong.  

While ideally I would have caught this sooner (actually, ideally I would have 700 pairs of perfect pants), I’m grateful for the lessons learned…and I’m grateful to learn with 700 pairs and not 7,000.

So what’s next?

I’m headed to L.A. this week to look for new fabric. I have appointments lined up with the suppliers of top athletic brands (one of which rhymes with hulu).  So what turns out to be a big bummer of a speedbump may actually be an incredible opportunity to step up the game.

I sincerely hope I have not let you, my customers, down, but I am excited to learn and continue learning so that InYo keeps getting better and better. I am so thankful for your support through these growing pains.

More updates coming soon…. Until then, I won’t let this happen to you:

With humility, love, and gratitude,



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